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Members (and Guests!) Christmas Party!

   Come share the joy of the season with your crazy airplane friends at the EAA Chapter 22 Christmas Party! 

   It will be held on Saturday, December 7, 2019 at 6 PM – 9 PM at the EAA Hangar, Cottonwood Airport, 5105 Auburn Street, Rockford, IL. 

   The cost is $15 per person.  The menu features beef, chicken, and vegetables from Pinnions.  BYOB.  Also bring your own table service and an hors d'oeurve or dessert dish to pass.

   PLEASE RSVP to Jeff Bonaguro at fbonaguro@comcast.net before 11/28 so we can get an accurate head count!   

   Note that there will not be a regular agenda for our regular December meeting on 12/3, but we will need some help then to help set up for the party!

   There will NOT be a December executive board meeting.


Welcome, Boy Scouts!

   Doug Miller was recently certified as a merit badge counselor for the Boy Scouts Aviation Merit Badge, and is working with Josh White to get his badge.  Mike Cultra recently took Josh (and his brother!) for a ride to complete one of the requirements.  Good luck, Josh!

   Note:  We are looking for more people willing to be aviation merit badge counselors.  Their youth protection program requires two certified adults (or one and a parent) to be present when working with kids, similar to the Young Eagles requirements.


EAA Chapter 22 also sponsors a VMC Club meeting that normally meets every 3rd Wednesday of each month. This is open to ALL pilots!  

Normally, a video scenario is presented of real world flight situations, with an open, lively discussion following, asking "What would YOU do?"  We learn a lot from each other!

Please visit our VMC Club page for more info!


Are you an aviation enthusiast? So are we! We are currently open for new memberships and you DON'T need to be pilot! For more information, please click HERE to contact us today if you are interested. 

Click HERE for the PDF Flyer



Know a young aviation enthusiast?

Introduce them to Aviore!

This Stan Lee inspired superhero will take EAA Young Eagles into its next successful 25 years! Read the comics HERE!


We also promote the events of other nearby EAA chapters and affiliations! If you would like to view their events, please visit our EVENTS page.


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